auto classify / group


I have a question about the auto classify / group feature. I’m brand new at using Devon Think, so please bear with me.

I have indexed my “work” folder into devon think. my work folder is already pretty well organized into folders and subfolders with files. most of my pdf’s are not ocr’ed as I scanned them prior to installing devon think and without using any ocr software.

whenever i click on a file (whether it is in my db already, or just newly scanned with ocr into devon think) and i select the auto classify and see feature, no groups show up at all to move the new file into.

this lead me to wonder if the file structure that i previously put in place and indexed into devon think was even considered a group by devon at all. but, i’m not sure how i would change this in any case.

please let me know if any one has experienced similar problems or has a solution. thanks very much.

By default indexed folders are excluded from the classification. This can be changed via the Info panel.