Auto-classify putting files in parent group


I’ve started using auto-classify (after abandoning the global inbox in favour of separate watched folders in Dropbox for my Home and Work databases - which took a bit of fiddling to setup with hazel etc - could this functionality be created at the database level ie an option for each database to have a watched folder for importing?). But I digress…

Auto-classify is nearly right but seems to be putting files in the parent group of the one I would expect. E.g. an invoice will go into the parent “provider” group rather than “provider\invoice subgroup” even though the subgroup is where all the invoices for that provider live and the parent group doesn’t actually have any files in it.

What have I miss d?


I suggest you search these forums and read our late, beloved Bill DeVille’s discussions on this. … 744#p92947
Are two good discussions.