Auto-collapse databases?

I have a couple of databases that are getting large and complicated. Is there any way that all my folders can be automatically collapsed when I open the Db? There are a couple of folders in particular that are always open when I look into the Db. I would be able to scan the contents of my Db faster if it came up collapsed each time. Is there a way to set “collapse” as an automatic view?

I’m not sure about having an automatic view like that but maybe cmd+a to select everything and then cmd+left arrow to collapse everything would work?

Or, set it up like how you want it to open as (all folders collapsed),
then save that as a workspace.
Check the workspace’s keyboard shortcut (Go->Workspaces)
Hit that shortcut and it should return to the state it was saved in.

Note that Workspaces remember what databases you have open and closed and will open those that are closed. I run with all my active DBs open so my workspaces are just switching which DB is forward and which monitor window it’s in, another great feature of workspaces if you have multiple monitors.