Auto cropping PDFs

I do most of my scanning directly into DT3. If a singe-page scanned or imported PDF needs cropping, from DT3 I’ll externally open the image in PDF Expert and manually crop the image there. When I store the file, the cropped version replaces the original in DT3, which is what I want.

But what I would really like is an external program or tool that can automatically choose the crop area in a single-page PDF and do the crop, saving me the step of drawing the crop rectangle. In about all of the cases I would do this, the area to crop is pretty obvious.

Is anyone aware of a tool that can do this?


The area may be obvious to you since you’re a person. It’s not necessarily obvious to a computer, which is quite a dumb object in reality. :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are some apps that may detect edges and crop but I don’t know any specifically offhand.

Jim, thanks! I tried a Google search but nothing obvious popped up. Thus my question here.

I don’t Google - instead I :duck::duck::clap: - and searching “automatically crop pdf” turned up pdfCropMargins 1.0.5, which sounds like it might do what you are looking for. I have not looked any further into the software; I don’t know whether it is suitable for use; I haven’t even checked that it isn’t malware (although I saw nothing to suggest that it might be)

@Blanc, thanks! That looks really useful and it’s scriptable as well. I’m going to check it out. It’s open source as well.

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