Auto-filling cells in Sheet Query

In DEVONthink Pro Office is there a way to auto fill cells in Sheet? For example the attached is a screenshot of a sheet in which I would like to auto-fill all of the cells in the Arc, Label and Tag columns with the same words that are in some of them at the moment. Many thanks for any advice.

Select a row, copy it (command-C) and then paste it (command-V) as many times as you wish. The pasted rows are added at the bottom of the sheet.

Thanks Korm, but your suggestion is not the answer, perhaps I did not make myself clear. What I want to do is to fill cells in a column not a row. In the screenshot, for example, in the Tag column I would like to auto-fill downwards the word “Pope” without affecting the other columns. Then when I wish to enter data in any other column I can do it without affecting the column Tag. Hope this is cleared.

Not possible. Sheets merely display CVS files. You can add a new row to a CVS file, but you cannot “fill” cells in rows.

Use Numbers of Excel if you’re looking for a full-featured worksheet including auto-fill. :confused:

Thanks Korm, thought that might be the case. It is not really vital in the present instance as I can continue as I am just pasting in the cells. At least I now know! :wink: Cheers.