Auto-fit image in document

If I create a Rich Text document in DTPO and add images to it, there is no (obvious) way to view these images correctly on iOS. They do not auto-scale to fit the screen width. There is no “long-press” option to view or save them. You can’t scroll around and view different parts of the image. Basically you’re stuck with whatever upper-left bit shows up on the iPhone screen, as I just found out there hard way (I was sure I could access my data away from my desktop). Is there something obvious I’m missing here? I don’t want to use smaller images because then they would be too small for my desktop use. Or maybe I should use a format other than Rich Text?

Thank you.

Image handling in the RTF editor we use is mediocre to say the least (reminder: there was no RTF support at all on iOS when we started this project and even with iOS 12 it’s still very basic). We have plans to replace the editor with a more modern component that hopefully also handles images better.

Thank you. Good news. This is still an issue even with DTPO, though. Isn’t there a format (HTML, Formatted Note, anything) that would in the meantime allow auto-scaling of images to horizontal viewport (on DTPO)? I mean, Evernote and even web browsers have been doing it for a decade now…

Exactly, because those are web-based apps displaying HTML pages.

You can use and style Markdown documents to fit images.

Also, select DEVONthink’s Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences and click the On link under ShouldScaleAttachedImages.
Note: This does not have an effect on iOS.

Formatted notes should do just that: Scale images to maximum the window/viewport width.

Starting a fresh Formatted Note does indeed auto-scale images, even when synced and opened on iOS, which is great. However, it’s still impossible, in iOS, to zoom in on the (now properly scaled) image or manipulate it in any way (even saving it to Photos in order to zoom around it is impossible). Also, weirdly enough, RTF notes converted to Formatted Notes (in DTPO) do not scale images and there’s no way to do it, which is why I thought Formatted Notes didn’t scale images. You have to manually recreate the note. In my case it wasn’t a big deal but this should really be streamlined IMHO.

As to web-based app displaying HTML pages, I thought that was what the HTML format in DTPO was for in the first place. But HTML documents in DTPO, contrary to Formatted Notes, do not scale images even when created from scratch.

I understand that your resources are limited and that there are many plans for future improvements. It’s just that in the last year I’ve moved so much of my work to DTPO & DTTG, which I now use daily, that it’s difficult to realize that such a basic editing workflow isn’t implemented :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your support.

As I’ve often said, iOS ≠ macOS. They are not the same technologies on both platforms. If they were, it would be an easier thing to implement on iOS. Since they’re not, we have to rely on third-party frameworks or find time to explore other options in-house.