Auto-import workflow

One thing I like with apps like DayOne, Evernote, etc is that I can either configure the app to auto-import certain things from various sites/services or use something like IFTTT to collect data and send it to an app using email, a folder of Dropbox, etc.

I looked at some examples for DevonThink, more specifically the action folder scripts, but I would like to ask how you people do things like this. Is there some way that is especially good/bad, etc.

Folder actions are still supported, e.g. to be compatible to workflows established with version 2. But using an indexed folder and a smart rule that processes items added to this folder is now recommended instead as it’s easier to set up and very flexible without the need for scripting.

E.g. such smart rules could move the item into the database (“import”), rename & file it or OCR images and PDF documents.

Thanks, that makes things easier for me