auto-update: no perms on non-boot volume

When I upgraded to Leopard I left most of my 3rd party applications on my Tiger volume.

Now many apps with auto- upgrade installers choke with permissions errors when trying to install. I changed all directories to 775 (group: admin) but that doesn’t seem to help.

So 3 questions:

  1. anything i can do to fix this?

  2. where is the download cached? (not designate dl folder)

  3. does the cache dl get removed when it fails?

What happens if you do not ignore ownership on that Tiger volume? (You can change this in the Finder Info panel at the bottom of the “Sharing & Permissions” area.)

Wooden Brain, the loss of easy updating resulting from running DEVONthink outside the boot volume’s Applications folder and on another volume is an occasional irritation, requiring manual update when needed.

Much more serious, I think, is the loss of OS X Services functionality, as that cripples interoperability with other Cocoa applications. I use DEVONthink Pro Office Services very frequently to capture data from the Web and from other applications. Those Services are not available if DEVONthink isn’t installed in the boot volume Applications folder.

If you are going to do a lot of work with your DEVONthink database, you will find it more functional if you install a copy in the Applications folder of your Leopard boot volume.


Thanks for the reply. There are a few reasons why I wouldn’t want to do that: I have to boot into Tiger sometimes, plus it would expose the user directories. Probably not a big deal since its my computer, but not preferable.

Some other directories that must have write permissions, maybe?

And what about the dl cache questions?


OK… that convinced me. Still curious to know where dl’s get cached and if the cache is removed if it fails. And also whether I could fix the issue with a symlink or something. Mostly because this would apply to other apps as well. For DTP, I think the services issue is a good enough reason to move it.