Autocomplete with Wiki links + use double-brackets for links

With my main text editors, Bear and ConnectedText, I can create Wiki links by typing “[[”. Both programs then present me with a list of notes to which I can link, and autocomplete the name as I type.

DT, however, forces me to either know the exact spelling of my target document name (which are sometimes long and/or non-intuitive), or to rummage around for it by hand, and copy/paste the link. This is a real workflow-killer and seems seriously kludgy and primitive for a program as otherwise sophisticated as DT. Is a better solution on the way?

Perhaps my bias, but double brackets seem a better solution than CamelCase, which allows no spaces and is therefore harder to read and more error-prone. But the main thing is autocomplete, which should be easy for DT, as it has all the names to which I might link.

You can also insert links via the contextual menu, see submenu “Insert Link To”.

That is part of what I meant by “rummaging around” in order to find the document to link to - I have to traverse by hand the entire document space, via a submenu, to find the linkable doc I want. But it should be simple for the program (which has the names of all docs) to present me with a list, and use autocomplete, which is easier, less error-prone and much faster - without ever taking my hands from the keyboard.

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