autocorrect search terms


I just started using devonsphere express and have been having trouble with the search bar autocorrecting names to some irrelevant word (e.g., Sola, a name, is autocorrected to Sold even when it is placed in quotes). Autocorrect on my mac is turned off but this still happens in devonshphere. Since I have many files, emails, etc., containing unusual names, this autocorrection makes devonsphere somewhat worthless. Is there some setting I can adjust somewhere to stop this behavior?

Is spell checking enabled in the search field’s contextual menu?

Thank you for the quick reply. No, spell checking is not checked. I tried checking and unchecking it and all other options related to spelling and grammar, but it made no difference. Still typing John Sola and seeing it turn immediately to John Sold, which returns many irrelevant pdfs, etc. Putting the words in quotes doesn’t help either.

The latest release of DEVONsphere Express uses autocompletion but that doesn’t (or shouldn’t) change soda to sold. Does it work e.g. after pasting the search string?


I will check when I return to work, but on my home Mac DevonSphere does not correct words. And, just to be clear, DevonSphere is not changing one word (soda) to another (sold). It is changing names to words, which is the problem since I need to search for names frequently. Sola changes to sold and Setthe to settle. On my home mac, it is not changing anything, even made up words. I’ll fiddle with it at work later this week. Thanks again for your quick responses. I’ve been using DevonthinkPro Office for years and cannot imagine working without it.

I am a long-time user of DevonSphere Express. When I upgraded my system to macOS 10.14 Mojave, I began experiencing the same autocorrect problem discussed in this thread. It has rendered the application useless, because it changes every search word I enter.

Yes, I just realized (sorry for being dense) that the machines with the autocorrect problem are the ones that have been updated to Mojave. On my old home Mac that runs High Sierra, autocorrect is not a problem.

Do you use the same version of DEVONsphere Express on these machines?

I’m using version 1.9.1. I upgrade system software and all other software when released. Never any problem with DevonSphere Express until Mojave.

Yes, this is a Mojave-specific issue. We are investigating it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you!