Autofill behaviour

As I’m setting up a new database, I’m finding DT’s default autofill behaviour reaaaaaaaally frustrating. As I referenced here autofill behaviour can do a bunch of unexpected things.

This is especially apparent when adding new tags. If I’m trying to add a tag with proper capitalization, say “Touch Bar” but I already have a few tags such as “tech” and “tools” that start with the same letters, it’s damn near impossible to add the new tag with proper capitalization. If I keep typing without accepting the existing tags, the capitalization I entered while typing is removed and instead is changed to whatever matches the autofilled text. I have to press “escape” for every single letter to avoid DT helpfully autofilling on my behalf and changing the capitalization.

The expected behaviour is that as I type, if I don’t accept the existing tags, that whatever I typed (including capitalization) would remain and can be entered as a new tag.

This is the kind of behaviour that’s only evident with a fresh database so it may not have come up as much in testing, but I think it’s a major annoyance for new users!

Disabling case-insensitive tagging, see File > Database Properties, might help.

I’ve explored that option but I don’t want to end up with multiple duplicate tags “Apple” “apple” etc over time