Autohide Sorter

I like the sorter, and I appreciate that it can autohide if an application goes full screen. However, what do you do if you accidentally told it not to hide when an application goes fullscreen, and you want to change it to autohide in the future? I can’t figure out any way to do that.


Kevin McKenzie

Check the Online Help for instructions, maybe I should add a button in the pref pane to reset it?

That would help; I kept looking for a way to reset it in the Preferences. Even better would be a way to reset it on a one-by-one basis, so I don’t have to reset all the things that are behaving the way I want them to.

Annard…I tried to find the relevant information on the DT site but wasn’t successful. Can you be more specific in your directions as to where these directions are?

I would like to add a vote for your idea to add a button in the sorter menu that toggles auto-hide.

Enter “Sorter” into the DTP Help search box. The information is contained in the topic “Widgets, Sorter, Bookmarklets: Sorter” at the bottom of the page.


Thanks Sampler. I still vote for a button though. I really don’t want to have to re-select for each of my programs! I’m lazy… :blush:

I agree with all but your last statement!