autoimport from Scansnap after initial decline?

I checked the “Never ask again” box on the opening message about wanting DTPro to be the automatic destination for material scanned with my Scansnap and now I cannot figure out how to undo that.

I had assume it would be an option available in Prefs if I changed my mind, but I do not find it there.


The destination of ScanSnap output is covered in ScanSnap Manager Settings. Make certain that ‘Use Quick Menu’ isn’t checked. Then open ScanSnap Manager Settings and click on the ‘Application’ tab.

Thanks, Bill. I swear that when I tried this before the Applications tab in ScanSanp Settings was greyed out. Well, not this time. I made the change, and expected to see the pdfs in the Inbox but not so, and when I search for unique words in the pdfs they are not found.

I’m assuming that in ScanSnap Manager Settings > Application you had set ‘DEVONthink’ as the chosen application.

Two questions:

  1. What’s the destination setting in DT Pro Office Preferences > Import - Destination? If Global Inbox, is the Global Inbox visible in the left Sidebar?

  2. In ScanSnap Manager’s Settings > Save tab, what’s the destination of scanner output? If sent to the ‘Inbox’ place, a non-searchable PDF will be sent to the Global Inbox. (The default setting in ScanSnap Manager > Settings > Save is your Pictures folder, which is fine.)


The destination in DTPro is to the Inbox of the current database.

Scansnap is saving things to a folder called SCANS in Documents. Stuff went in there before I changed the Apps setting in Scansnap.

I’m going to run the documents through again and see what happens.