Automate the trash

I’d like to see a setting that will automate emptying the trash. In my case, I’d like to turn off the trash bin entirely and just use the system trash but I understand that some would like to keep the bin “in-software”, too.

Here’s what I do (at least hourly): Shift-Command-Delete, Return (or enter) OR Rt-click, Empty Trash

Very repetitive.


ps. filtering trashed records from search would also help me (in most cases)

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A scheduled smart rule plus a custom script could perform this. By the way, what’s the advantage of only using the Finder’s trash? E.g. DEVONthink’s trash is undoable (until emptied of course).

Scripts are beyond me, and I looked at smart rules but, apparently, that was beyond me, too.

I couldn’t tell you the advantage of only using the Finder’s trash. I can only tell you that I don’t need DT’s trash…finder works fine with the way I use the software.

I submitted a feature request but, otherwise, I’m not going to worry about it much. They’ll either put it in or not, and, as I said earlier, it’s repetitive but still a simple task to do it manually.