Automated contents/index file

I create a number of markdown files in a group e.g.:

10 My
20 My
30 My

I would like DT to automatically create an index file (also in markdown) in the same group which would contain this:

{{10 My}}
{{20 My}}
{{30 My}}

The index file would automatically update if I add/remove/rename any file in the group.

The point of it is so that I can open the index in Marked 2 and be able to quickly export the entire contents of the group’s markdown files as a single, beautifully formatted PDF.

Any pointers as to where to start? Or better solutions?

Depending on the used stylesheet that’s also possible in DEVONthink, see menu Data > Convert. Or you could just select the desired files, convert them and finally merge the converted documents into one.

I use an Applescript to create an “contents/index” file for projects
The point for me is to have a Table of Contents for the project/task notes

My script is generating html code to create a formatted note
Entries are hyperlinks to the project note files,
sorted, and presented in groups

No automatic trigger though

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