Automatic Deskewing?

I’m using the Server edition of 3.0.2 and am encountering a weird behavior when trying to perform OCR on a two-page PDF (a 600dpi scan of compact disc liner notes). I have both of the Autocorrect options (Orientation and Deskew) turned off, yet the second page of this document repeatedly comes out reoriented/deskewed in the resulting PDF. The size of the second page’s image is increased to accommodate its having been rotated.

For the record, I’ve tried toggling those settings on and off, closing and reopening DT after each change. I still get the same result.

Has anyone else encountered behavior like this? Is this a known issue? I’d be happy to share the PDF if it will help to resolve things.


Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please compress and attach the PDF too. Thanks!