Automatic links in Markdown


Am I missing something or have URLs stopped displaying as links in markdown (I mean a simple http :// doesn’t get underlined).


In the preview or while editing? In the second case this requires smart links (see Preferences > Editing).

No, in the preview.

I have links if I do e.g.:

[Some text]

And then later:

[Some text]: http://etc

However if I just have the link (starting with http://) I don’t see the link in the preview.

That is not the proper format for a raw URL.

You should be using the [title](url) or <url> forms.

OK, didn’t know about < that > part of the syntax. Thanks a lot.

(I do believe we used to get simple raw links in DT2 but I may be wrong)

As Criss noted, smart links will detect URLs as you type, but that’s unrelated to the rendered view of Markdown documents.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but Markdown links formatted with angle brackets around them not only fail to work as links, they don’t appear at all in the rendered Markdown document.

In other words, if I have Go to <> in the Markdown text, it renders as Go to & completely leaves out the URL.

DT 3.5.2
macOS 10.15.6

Any help appreciated.

Markdown link syntax is [link label](https://some.url) . In your example, [Go to here]( .

One kind of Markdown link syntax is [link label](URL). However, there are several others given in Gruber’s canonical Markdown syntax, which DT’s own documentation points to, including:

My question remains: why aren’t automatic links working in DT 3?

I’m seeing no issue here…

Thanks for replying, Jim. I figured it out. I was using PHP Markdown’s method of putting Markdown inside explicit HTML elements by using the attribute-value pair of markdown="1", which MultiMarkdown doesn’t recognize. See for more.

In other words, this text in my MD document:

<p class="foo" markdown="1">
    Source: Foo. *Title*. <URL>. Date.

Was getting rendered as this, without the URL link:

<p class="foo" markdown="1">
    Source: Foo. *Title*. . Date.

I just need to get rid of the HTML around my Source. No biggie.

Thanks for getting back to me.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Gotta love all the Markdown variants! Autolinks are in the CommonMark spec as well.

Indeed. We settled on MultiMarkdown as it’s often seen as the natural successor to Gruber’s original spec.