Automatic listing of incoming and outgoing links

I am a lawyer and have been using Devon thing for about six months. I think it’s actually fantastic and I am using it increasingly to link notes on particular client matters to my know-how database of decided cases, legislation and articles.

I have seen threads on linking and using scripts to automate the process, all of which are way above my pay grade tech-wise.

One feature I would love in a future release would be automatic listing of outgoing and incoming links. Presumably this would be technologically possible. One possibility would be for there to be boxes below “Annotations” in inspector for outgoing and incoming links.

One other fairly small point. When I create a link from selected text in a PDF, the text doesn’t get turned into a visible hyperlink: the cursor changes into a hand (if that’s the right term), but it is not possible to see at a glance that particular text is a link. Is it possible to change a setting to enable this? If not, is this something that could be included in a future release? (I have tried manually to highlight text that it is already a link, but that seems to be a bit glitchy i.e. it seems sometimes to break the link. In any event, it would obviously be good if there was an option automatically to see linked to text underlined or highlighted in some way. In fact, if I open a PDF that has a link in it created in Devonthink in PDF expert the linked text is shown highlighted in light blue/grey, so presumably there would be some way of enabling this within Devon think itself.)

The Document > Links inspector lists already all outgoing links of the currently shown document.

DEVONthink just adds a PDF link annotation but can’t change the appearance of text (due to limitations of the PDFkit framework and as the link annotation might e.g. be on top of images).


In fact, spotted the outgoing links list just after I posted …

Is an automatic incoming links box in the pipeline?

It’s planned for future releases but not in the pipeline yet.