Automatic Merge Documents script for tagged files?

You make a lot of important points, @korm… Thank you for those. I had a feeling there might have been a problem w/ this kind of approach. In fact, it might represent more of a workflow problem that I’m trying to sort out.

In short, I’m using this tagging script for my annotated files:

[url]Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2]

…and @Frederiko’s workflow approach, some of which is described here:

[url]Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2]
and here…
[url]Put up Example page]

He shared more w/ me about it, and further described how he uses the Merge Documents script for tagged files (after he’s completed the annotation, review & organizational process). All of that is great, and the merged document is terrific. (Can’t wait to try your script @korm!)

But…while I’m refining my DTP process (thanks to many members here!), I’m increasingly using Scrivener as my writing platform. So…I’ve been trying to consider a way in which I can have certain tagged files automatically merged in some way so that I can integrate them (hopefully sync them, somehow) w/ my Scrivener doc. I realize that last part of what I just wrote in that sentence is likely problematic, and probably contains some technical flaw (I’m still figuring out how one can best sync / integrate files between Scrivener & DTP). But I thought that if I could figure out the first part of this puzzle, I could eventually solve the second part of it…

Anyway, that’s the convoluted reasoning behind this. As always, I welcome any other ideas / suggestions you might have – even for an alternative approach. Thanks, guys!