Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2

Just wondering if there’s a way to de-select the default checked box for “Set annotation date”? I’m not sure I understand why it’s the default option… I guess that if one were to instantly create tags for a document the moment that it comes out it would be useful – is that the point? In my case, I often annotate documents that are sometimes a bit dated, so that feature doesn’t benefit me. Unless I’m missing some point, which is entirely possible!

Also, is there another, easier way to select multiple tags under the main Annotations tags? Like you @Frederiko, I also have a “followup” tag (as you have in your illustrated example) along w/ a few other more specific research-related tags, so…I would love to figure out how to include these various tags, apart from having to write out each tag name, separated by a semi-colon (IF possible!).

Would still love any kind of input from my last post, if that’s possible! :smiley: Many thanks…