Automatic page fit to width in continuous scroll view

As a feature request, I would like to see a display option for resized pages in continuous scroll.

80% of the documents I work with have been been OCR’d by DT or SnapScan from archival documents or books. Some of the originals were printed in odd page sizes, and the OCR process produces irregular page sizes on its own.

As suggested in some earlier topics, I have been using single page view but it’s a drag when skimming or trying to interpret context of search hits. Similarly, I have tried the old kludge of printing to PDF to resize and:

  1. Using traditional page sizes is silly because I don’t really plan to print any documents in my database;
  2. Variance of length is more common so many pages are shrunk to fit the vertical direction, which I don’t want, or I have to use legal/tabloid size and then crop the bottoms off some pages;
  3. It prints with a white border which I then have to go switch to black, because the text on many documents are faded (even after processing) and white washes them out.

And more importantly, this is really just a UI issue for me! Having all the pages automatically fit to width in continuous scroll is definitely a desired feature.

The request is noted, with no promises. It’s the first of its kind I recall receiving so it doesn’t appear it’s troubling many people. Also, I’d wager most PDFs people handle or generate are not made of varying page sizes. Just something to consider.

I won’t dispute that others aren’t bothered but it’s happening on basically everything I scan, so I don’t think it’s a truly rare problem. I find DT’s OCR program tweaks page sizes slightly even for documents I’ve put through a flatbed scanner. It looks janky, at least.

I think it would be valuable for anyone doing archival work. Thanks!

I too would love to see buttons in the header to auto-fit the document to view either by page height or page width. This need is what compelled me to buy Apple’s trackpad a year or so ago :slight_smile:.