Automatic source annotation

I am storing a lot of research in my DT database. Books, articles, webpages, etc.

I then select small sections from all these sources, and copy and paste them as separate items into OmniOutliner.

But in order to be able to identify where each item comes from, I have to manually enter the source for each item (author’s name, title, etc.) as a note attached to the item.

Is there any way to do this automatically? In other words, can I copy a selection from a document in DT, and paste it into another app and have the selection’s source - or metadata - come with it?

While it’s possible to script this, it depends on how the other application handles the clipboard.

Thank you. Right. I’m not fluent in scripting, but I did create a macro in Keyboard Maestro that works for one source at a time. In other words, if I’m processing text from one source, I copy the text, select the place in OmniOutliner where I want it to go, and then the macros a) pastes the text, b) opens the Note field in OO, c) enters the name of the source in the Note field.

It’s okay for now, as long as I’m working with one source over and over. When I switch sources, I have to edit the macro. So I’d prefer the ability to bounce around from source to source. Any scripting tips?