Automatic start MS Word, Adobe and Devonsphere question


If i double click on a MS Word file or a PDF file a Devon Think popup window opens with the file. I cab click on the A in the upperleft corner of the popup then MS Word or Adobe Acrobat opens. Almost any other file: MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, Merlin, Graffle, etc. opens direct in the application (not in the popup screen). If i right click on a .docx or pdf filename the default application under ‘OPen with’ is MS Word / Adobe. I can’t find anything to change the behaviour of Devon Think, or am i overlooking something?

Another question, i’vre downloaded the new app Devonsphere, but it doesn’t seem to index the devon think databases? I’ve added the database directory in the sphere preferences screen.

Bob Vos

By default all supported file types (e.g. RTF, PDF etc.) are opened internally, all third-party formats (Excel, Graffle etc.) externally. There’s no way to change this yet.

Enabling the DEVONthink Pro category and updating the index should be sufficient. Please ensure that the option “Enable Spotlight Index” (see File > Database Properties) is enabled.


In Devonthink Pro? If i open File>Database Properties i get a list of open databases?

What do you mean?

Bob Vos

Bob, in DEVONthink open File > Database Properties > [name of your database]. A preferences panel for that database will open, with checkboxes such as this:

Enable Spotlight indexing for that database. Do the same for each database that you wish to index. If the database is currently closed, open it and enable indexing. In each case wait 15 minutes or so for all of the Spotlight indexing to complete. Subsequent operations in a database should update the Spotlight index for that database pretty much instantly. The Spotlight indices for your databases are available to Spotlight and DSX, even when DEVONthink is closed - though selecting “Open In” DEVONthink will launch the app and open the datbase.