Automatic suggestions to move files into groups in DTP

I have a group in devonthink for all my bills/receipts with subfolders 2021, 2022, 2023 and in each of them subfolders, e.g., for car, house, holidays, phone etc. to collect all payments for each category in each year. But as I start each year with a now folder, the automatic suggestions of DTP for moving new scanned bills to the appropriate folder does not work and I start each year from scratch moving them manually until DTP learns where new bills have to be moved to (as the subfolders are empty at the beginning of the year). At the end of the year I need to export the year-folder with all subfolders with the bills for the respective year. Do you have an idea how this could be better solved?

removing the years folders and only using the type-subfolders? Is there a possibility to export these subfolders at the end of the year with the bills only for that year? if yes, how? would I need to tag them with a year-tag? or can I export folders with subfolders with a filter only for the respective year? Or any better idea?

Looking forward for your suggestions… I am sure you have a better workflow.

I use yearly smart groups inside the invoice group and tag the bills with house, car etc.