automatic wiki links - inconsistency


I am trying to set up some references to legal text in DT

I have the following setup.

a group called Chapter 35
the group contains rich text documents named 1§ and so on.

Now if i type 1§ in a document no automatic wiki link is made…however if i rename the file to 35:1 and then type that in a document then a automayic wiki link is made. Why is this? Is DT unable to handle characters such as § or am i missing something here?

added note: it works on §11 or §13 bot not when its a single digit with § character…so if i name the file §1. (with a dot at the end) it works. Strange

Also when DT makes an automatic link does it first try to make a link to a document within the same subgroup and then move outwards? What i mean is if i have the following group structure

group1 -> which contains group2 -> whic in turn has two subgroups group3 and group4

and lets say ten documents are in group3 and in group4

If i am typing in a new document in group3 where i type the name of a document in group4 will DT look in group4 before it looks in the root groups (for lack of a better word) :slight_smile:

I have a slightly different issue with Wiki links but I thought I’d post it here. Specifically Wiki links are case-sensitive. I would really prefer if they were case insensitive. Thus if I have a document called say Application Controller I would like a wiki link to be created whenever I use application controller as well as Application Controller.

Automatic WikiLinks are currently limited to words/names with at least 3 characters (the main reason is to speed up adding links before displaying documents - for example, displaying a document with 10000 words in a database containing 15000 documents causes already a delay if automatic wiki links are enabled and not based on mashed words).

Automatic links are only resolved when the user clicks on them. However, as the parent hierarchy
might be ambiguous, at the moment DT just uses the first matching document (or group). A future version might pop-up a menu to select the destination though.

This will come but I can’t promise it for the near future.

could you expalin the concept of MashedWords. I dont understand what that is

Mashed words are not separated by spaces and each word uses initial caps. Some examples: