Automatic wiki links only on key stroke

I love the automatic wiki links, it recalls me all the topics on which I already have gathered references / quotes / thoughts etc. and kind of calls out for associative thinking.

I see two problems:

  • I cannot distinguish between those auto-generated / non-permanent links and other types of links
    • this is purely a styling issue
  • more important: it creates a lot of links in my documents, like 1 per line in average, which calls a lot of my attention.
    • for this issue I would love to be able to activate auto linking only on a keystroke (like CMD) or having some way of toggling it on/off.


The color of automatic Wiki links is actually slightly different.

Which settings do you currently use (see Preferences > WikiLinks)? Case sensitive Wiki linking or using only documents might reduce the number of automatically added links. You can also exclude certain items from Wiki linking, see Info inspector/popover.

Thx for your tips.

I use automatic > names and aliases with insensitive linking

I don’t want to reduce the number of connections this automatic linking allows me to do, I just don’t want them always present to my eyes. But when I want to explore them, I want all of them.