Automatic wiki links with "names and aliases" in version 3

I have been using DTP version 2 for Zettelkasten style notes. I have many files with names such as “a.txt”, “a0.txt”, “a0a.txt”, and etc. The automatic wiki links feature is useful as all the mentions of file names like “a.txt” would gets automatically converted to a link and I can open that file by clicking “a.txt” written in another file.

It no longer works in version 3. Words like “a.txt” no longer get converted to links. For words like “a0.txt”, only the first part “a0” gets converted to a link, and annoyingly, when I click on it, it creates a new file “a0.txt” and ignores the existing “a0.txt” file. Please fix this behavior. Thanks!

Actually this worked only in case of titles based on filenames with extensions. This import setting doesn’t exist any longer, extensions can now be shown/hidden on demand like in the Finder and contrary to version 2. However, this does not (yet) affect Wiki linking. A workaround might be to set the alias of the item to the filename incl. extension (e.g. via batch processing or smart rules)

It would be fine if the file name excluding the extension gets recognized, as long as file names like “a0.txt” works with the name “a0” converted to a correct link. Currently, however, when I click on “a0”, albeit converted to a link, it opens a new file “a0.txt” with the default template content.

The next release will fix this.


So I updated to 3.0.3, now that “a0.txt” works (as I click on “a0”, it shows me the file “a0.txt”), but “a0a.txt” does not. “a0a” gets recognized as a link, but when I click on “a0a”, it creates a new “a0a.txt” file, even though there is already a file named “a0a.txt”. This is frustrating.