Automatic wireless sync

It would be useful if DTTG performed automated wireless sync - along the lines of “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi” available now with iOS 5.x; or the automatic updating of subscriptions in Newsstand.

I realize the technologies are different – and iOS might not yet be robust enough to support this for non-Apple apps – but the goal for the user experience should be the same: put something into the sync folder in DEVONthink and it shows up automagically in DTTG on the iPad that’s on the local network.

If auto-sync can’t be done today, I’d suggest it be high on the priority list for the future.

Interim step: Let us configure DTTG to sync as soon as it is opened (and as long as it is open) and it finds itself on it’s “home” WiFi network.

Noted. :slight_smile:

This is an ideal we hold as well :slight_smile: