Automatically add to a specific group

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help - I’ve searched for an answer but not sure if I can find precisely what I need.

I use an app called Scanner Pro on my iPhone which allows me to take a photo of a document which it will then convert to pdf and automatically upload to a dropbox folder.

I want to use this to take photographs of all my expenses receipts.

Is there a way in which DEVONthink can monitor that dropbox folder (or perhaps using folder actions?) and automatically add the contents of that folder to a group called “unallocated receipts”.

Ideally, I want to be able to take photos of receipts and then, at the end of the month, simply review the contents of the unallocated receipts group to compile my expense claim.

Thanks in advance.

Index the Dropbox folder.

Brilliant - thank you.

@korm but what can you do if you want that DTPO copies the document in DTPO, not only indexing? A little bit like a second “inbox” folder of DTPO?
thank you

Sascha - I’m not following the question. Could you give an example?

Saschabur, if I understand your need correctly, this recent thread in this very forum: [url]There must be a better way.] especially the last four or five posts, may be helpful to you. Also, DevonThink’s developers not long ago indicated that their plan is to add rule-based functionality to the application to enable users to do what I understand that you want to do.