Automatically adding new documents in a folder

As I add documents to a Finder folder (Meeting Notes for example), is it possible to automatically add the new documents to DevonThink?



I wrote an AppleScript to import specific folders of documents all at once. It works well. I’m fairly certain you could write one that works as a Folder Action in the Finder, at least that’s what Folder Actions are designed to do.

I spoke too soon. Just now I checked the Scripts folder that came with DEVONthink – the programmers have provided an Action import.scpt that does just what you need. The rtf includes directions for adding the action to a folder.

Thanks very much for your reply. I’ll look into this.


Could you continue to describe how the script in DT is activated? I have not used AS before, but I got it to recognize new additions to a particular folder. I get a message in the Finder (pop up window) saying that a file has been added.

Now, how do I get the DT script to work? When I click on the script, it only opens in AppleScripter and I don’t know how to read the syntax, etc.

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Craig Turner

This might help.

Also, if you do a search on the word “Applescript” in this very forum, you’ll find this question answered in a couple of different places.

btw, the folder action in question works very well, and is a great aid in the use of DT.

Thanks very much. I did search this forum and found the tips that got it going.

The only question I have left is, I wonder if it is possible for DT to recognize when a document in a folder on my hard drive has been up-dated and could re-import the document to reflect the new status?

IView Multimedia Pro has a folder watch function (I think it is Applescript-based) that notifies you when new graphics files have been added to a designated folder and then lets you update that folder’s readout in the program.

The problem I have with this applescript technique we have been discussing is that it only works once when a document is added to a folder.

I guess what I’m asking is: is a “synchronization” possible between data outside DT and within DT’s database in an automatic way. Right now, the only way I can figure to get a “most recent” snapshot of all files is to re-import. I have tried “linking” but that doesn’t seem to affect this action I am seeking.

Much thanks to this wonderful list and its members!



this is currently not possible but v1.8 will finally add the overdue "Synchronize" command (see always disabled menu item of "File" menu). But the next two releases will be DEVONagent 1.0b2 and DEVONthink 1.7.2.

Thank you so much for the information. That is excellent news and will be a great help to the ways I work with DT.

I much appreciate the quick reply.

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