Automatically apply same tag to every item in a folder?

I’m setting up a particular database for which it’d be helpful to me if I could enter an item and have it automatically inherit the tags (or comments or labels, or anything that I could search for) of its folder. Is there any way to do this?

Just tag the group/folder and the items inside the group will get the same tags.

Got it - thanks.

They’ll get the same tag until you move an item out of the group, and then it loses the tag. Once tagged, something should stay tagged, but that’s not the current behavior. Tags that are folder-specific should be distinguishable from those that are not. At this time, they are not distinguishable. (This is not about the tags applied to groups that are included in tagging.)

korm, I’m not understanding the problem with the behavior that you are describing. If, as you say, this is not about the tags included in folder groups that are included in tagging, then what is left is Tag Groups. The only purpose of Tag Groups is to represent the items that have the respective tags applied. By moving items out of these groups, the intended behavior is to remove the tag. What other possible result could there be?

Greg, let’s say we have a group “Xylophones” that is “included for tagging” (i.e., is is not “excluded from tagging”, per the Info panel.) As you point out, any document in that group has the tag “Xylophones” as long as the group is included for tagging AND the document sits inside that group.

In addition, we can open the Info panel and add a tag to “Xylophones” (say, “Diatonic”). (This is the suggestion Christian made above.) The tag is applied to everything inside “Xylophones”. If a document is moved out of “Xylophones”, it loses two tags: Xylophone and Diatonic.

My problem is two-fold. First, there is no way to distinquish Diatonic from any other non-group tag. Second, if a short-hand way to tag a group of files is to tag the group, then afaic the document should retain the tag Diatonic if it’s moved elsewhere. (For example, if I used a script to append a tag to a group of files, then I would expect them to keep their tag.) OR, show me that the tag is different than if I had just tagged one document “Diatonic”. I understand “included for tagging”-group-tag behavior; the other behavior is strange because there is no clue that DTPO will behave that way.

That makes sense-thanks for the explanation. I have not set up any groups to have tags applied to all items in the group, other than inheriting the group tag, so the behavior has not been an issue for me. I can see how it would be a problem.

if you drag a selection of document (say from a a given group) to a user created tag (in the Tags Group) - all of those documents will be tagged with that User created tag and it will remain persistent to those docs wherever they are moved in the future

Does this work in DT 3 Beta? I added a tag to a folder with items but none of the items in the folder got the tag.

No. Tags of groups aren’t inherited anymore to make the behaviour of indexed groups more compatible to tagging in the Finder.