Automatically Delete Blank Pages

I have searched for an hour, both general Internet and here to find a way to automatically delete blank pages, preferably within DenvonThink Pro Office. I have thousands of pdf’s that have many blank pages that I have added to DTPO, and have been manually deleting them one by one. Is there a way to automatically remove blank pages (preferably viewing them first to avoid mistakes) in DTPO?

It’s not very automatic if you’re viewing to “avoid mistakes”, and no - I know no way of automating this.

Thanks BlueFrog (by the way, you’re looking a little green around the gills :wink:

All I can say is Wow. This feature has been asked for thousands if not millions of times around the Internet. No script or add-on or nuthin can do this?! It is a very common problem and the interest is obvious, as 32 people have already viewed this post. It is hard to believe that the preeminent digital office organization program (DevonThink Pro Office) hasn’t found a way to incorporate this function into their software. If they did, I’ll bet business would soar from just this one feature alone! Well, gotta go…cuz I’m deleting thousands of pages one…single…page…at…a…time.

I’m curious. Why do you have so many blank pages?

I use a ScanSnap scanner, which can be set to do duplex copy and automatically skip blank pages–although the skip can fail if there’s bleed-through or any mark on the ‘blank’ page. I don’t bother with deleting the few blank pages that come through in my scans.

The reason I have so many is because we have a commercial-grade scanner at work that doesn’t remove blank pages, nor do OCR. I know that sounds ridiculous in its inefficiency, but I work for the government, and they aren’t exactly known for efficiency. It is however, way faster than using my ScanSnap at home. The documents I have scanned from home don’t have blank pages. I scanned the entire contents of my filing cabinet and have run them through Acrobat X Pro for OCR, but haven’t found an efficient way to remove blank pages. There are some seemingly effective software programs for Windows to remove blank pages, but I use a Mac.

that seems to work: … n-pdf.html

Acrobat can delete empty pages through a customized batch “preflight” profile – which might be knowledge too late for your current need, but for the future.

(Curiously, the delete-empty-page fixup command seems to have gone on vacation in Acrobat XI Pro.)