Automatically OCR PDF files?

Is there a way to automatically do OCR on any new PDF file which is not searchable? I have seen there is an option to activate this when the Scanner is known under OCR settings but most if not all the pdfs are coming from internet or other sources, so I would need a way to start OCR as soon as I add a PDF to DTPO

No, there is no function for this in DEVONthink. You could use a folder action on a Finder folder.

I would suspect most of these PDFs wouldn’t require OCR. This also means you wouldn’t want OCR to be run automatically as there’s no point in running OCR on a document that doesn’t need it.

Thanks Jim
Well, in my case I like to have all the pdf I store as “Searchable”, as otherwise See Also & Clasify do not work. I will go as you suggest with Folder Actions.

Is there any script I can use to tell devonthink to add & OCR from the folder?

When you right-click a folder in the Finder, and choose Services > Folder Actions Setup, you are presented with a sheet of scripts to attach. You should find Import, OCR & Delete from us.

And remember to only drop into this folder what is necessary to be OCR’d.