Automatically prefix Date Created date in file name?

OK. I’ve spent hours trolling the forums. Can’t find what I need.

How do I set up having all entries in a database automatically place the Date Created date in 20101224 format before the file name?

The only possibility is a script, see for example viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2473

Dear all-

Have there been any updates on this front. I’m trying to do the same things and having not much luck. I have to manually pre-fix 2014-8-9 etc. to the name of files. Any more suggestions for this?

Thank you again

If you are doing things with a certain fileType, you could make a template with %shortDate% in the filename.

For example, I have a template called thoughts_%shortDate%. When I add a new file from this template I get thoughts_08-14-2014.

Note that the delimiter and order is controlled in System Preferences > Language & Text & Region > Dates. Also, note that I would highly suggest not using a “/” in the name as it is bad form in a UNIX based system. <<

In additional to the linked posting that Christian mentioned, and in addition to Jim’s suggestion, there are also quite a few renaming scripts (with different options) provided in Scripts > Rename, as well as additional scripts that can be installed from the Support Assistant, and from the Forum.

I frequently use scripts to batch rename documents and groups.