Automatically replicate from smart group to group


The short question is - is there a way to automatically replicate documents added to a smart group to a regular group? If not, is there a way to automatically tag those documents and then automatically add the tagged documents to a regular group?

The background: I have created a number of smart groups. I would like to automatically replicate any new content in those smart groups to a regular group. The reason is because I add a lot (hundreds a week) of documents I don’t want to have to continue sorting. AI is useful but not as exact as I need it to be, but the regular group would ALSO include other documents that I would add.

For example, I have a group called “withheld evidence.” Any time I add a document that includes that phrase, it would go to the smart group, and replicate to the regular group. But that group may include other documents where the withheld evidence is much more confusing and therefore not likely to show up via AI or the smart group, and I want to be able to add those to the regular group.

I know tagging and grouping documents seems unnecessary, and I get that. But if I have to do it in order to automatically add docs in smart group to docs in regular group, that would work for me.

Thank you!

Smart Groups are saved searches (similar to the concept in Finder) and there’s no “there, there” until you look at (click) the smart group. It’s possible to attach triggered scripts to a smart group to do the handling you mention — a somewhat esoteric concept, with a few examples posted in the forum in the past – but I suggest that manual handling may be your best bet. The See Also “magic hat” button is of course available when viewing a Smart Group, so that might help. And if the Groups & Tags panel is open when viewing a Smart Group then documents can be dragged to groups in that panel and dropped there, to change their location.

I’m confused a bit about your case. What is the “regular group” and if some phrases are “confusing” then how would a smart group find them?

A smart group wouldn’t find the less obvious examples. For example, if i was looking for a case about withholding evidence, a smart group may not find “they discovered later that a videotape had not be given to the defense” so I would want to add that to the “regular” group.

Thank you for your help! Do you know if there’s a place to find that script? I tried searching but have thus far failed.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that a script exists that solves your exact case. I was suggesting that a “trigger script” can be written (by you? someone?). Here’s an example (search for “trigger script”):