Automatically updating Custom Metadata link titles


I’m wondering whether it might be possible to automatically update the displayed hyperlink titles of links added to RTF custom metadata fields

After copying an item link and pasting it into an RTF metadata field, it displays as an ‘item name’ hyperlink. This makes it possible to search for items containing the link to a specific item in a specific RTF metadata field (by searching for "custom metadata field x contains ‘item name’ ").

But what if the item name of the item the link points towards changes, which may happen quite regularly in an evolving Zettelkasten. Now the search result no longer shows all items containing that link. A script that checks all the links and automatically updates the displayed hyperlink title would solve this.

As a workaround, I’ve created a keyboard maestro macro that allows me to paste a link from the clipboard (as a hyperlink) and adds the item link in brackets afterwards. So I can search custom metadata fields containing a certain item link, which should produce stable results even if the item names change.

But the more elegant solution would be to automatically update all hyperlinks across the database. Any hints or ideas are much appreciated.

In case of RTF custom metadata it’s not even scriptable, therefore it’s not possible currently.

Thanks for clarifying.

Just wanted to check if this is feasible before I go all-in on my workaround :wink: