Automating a smart rule/group

Hello! I’m new to DevonThink and hoping someone can help me automate my process. I’m an art historian and have a bunch of checklists from group exhibitions. I’m tagging each checklist (searchable PDF) with the names of the artists who exhibited.

If an artist is tagged, I would like that document to replicate into a folder for that artist. I have created a smart rule to do that for a handful of artists, but I’m ultimately going to be dealing with maybe 100+ artists.

Is there a way to get DevonThink to do any of the following:

  1. Create a new folder (in a specific place) when I create a tag for a new artist.
  2. Replicate a smart rule for each newly tagged artist.

Here’s the current set-up.
Example of checklist document

Smart rules (below) and partial list of artists for whom I have manually set up folders (above)

no not automatically. You would need to use a script tlhat scans all files create folders etc.

Creating a group from a tag is possible but…

  • Only if there was no other tag on the document
  • You were using some anchor in the tag denoting it should be used in a different way than other tags. Tags are just strings, words. If you had a tag like name:Gustav Klimt it’s possible it could be filtered out of other tags on a document.

If you are using group tags, automatic replication is possible. This doesn’t create new groups but uses existing groups. Here’s an example…