automating "add2DTP" NOT to "global inbox"

I am trying to figure out a way how to achieve that documents from a specified dropbox folder are automatically imported to DT.

Sounds easy… made an automator folder action to monitor the specified dropbox folder but then, I can only move (or copy) the contents to DTs global inbox. However I like to move it to another database’s inbox for easier classification. Right now, I have to copy it manually from the global inbox to the specific data base and classify it from there. I then tried to find out the physical location of the database’s inbox by browsing the db-contents (for referencing to it from the finder) but nope…

Any suggestions?


There are basically two possibilities:

  1. Index the Dropbox folder and use File > Synchronize every then and now. Afterwards use the contextual/action menu command “Move into database” to move all/selected items from the Dropbox folder into the database (identical to importing & deleting them).

  2. Use a modified folder action script. The default scripts can be found in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Actions Scripts. Here are some related threads:




Thanks for your input.
I tried the modified script as per viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10877
but there is no HUD display coming up to ask me where to put the files… I compiled the script, i.e. made it an app, associated it with a folder action via automator. The trigger works, the automator action apparently runs through without any error but I get no results…

any suggestions?


Not sure which script you mean by “the modified script”, but let’s say it’s the one I posted in the topic you cited.

The script is a folder action. It doesn’t do anything by itself, and making it an app doesn’t make it work differently. It has to be attached to a folder. See this article for advice on enabling a folder action. In any event, it will only work with DEVONthink Pro, or Pro Office.

now it works - I didn’t know so far that folder actions can be assigned otherwise than in the automator (where for some reason it did not work out) - but like you described it’s much easier. So I learned something again!
Many thanks for your help.