Automating PDF imports

Is there any way to automate import of PDFs downloaded from the Internet to my download file to a folder in devonthink? I note that Hazel can automate the process to regular folders, but I gather that would not work with Devon think. Would it be better to use this process and then index the folders in DTPO or is there an alternative way to get downloaded PDFs into the database? I have on average 20-30 pdfs a day and its tiem consuming to download and manually move to DTPO.

If you configure Hazel to put your PDFs into the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox, the files will be automatically moved into the DTPO global inbox.

Thanks for that tip. What destination folder should I enter in Hazel?

I would like to know how to do this too but I don’t understand Hazel??

Try this website:


Is it possible to use Hazel to move a file to a specified folder in a specified database?

For example, I’d like to move a file whose filename matches “Payslip.pdf” to folder Tax -> Payslips in database Personal Documents. Adding to the global inbox is really not useful for me, as it still requires a manual step to get the payslip in the right place.

I did look at the example Automator workflows, but they bring up a load of messages like ‘the action “Set Current Group” could not be loaded because it could not be located. Try retinstalling the action.’ Of course, I have no idea where to install these actions from

The less said about AppleScript the better — the dictionary documentation is about as useful as every other app’s dictionary documentation, which is to say the only way you’re likely to write your script is by modifying someone else’s that almost does what you want :wink: