Automation in DTTG3 . BUT using Shortcuts app

Using the shortcuts app seems the way to go with DT on the iPad. We are told that with iPad OS16 , apps will be able to present their features front and centre in the Shortcuts app.
We already have a ‘create in DT’, ‘a move in DT to a specific folder’ …
If it were possible to add ‘convert & OCR to searchable PDF’ to that list then for me at least, it would mark the end of having to sit down at my Mac to complete my workflow in DT, rather than lying on the sofa completing my work on DTTG3 in the iPad

Looking forward to new features in DTTG3 on October?


How about standing at your Mac instead? It’s healthier than your alternatives :wink:

Having an OCR action is under discussion but no decision has been made.
And nothing new to report at this time.

Note: The issue here is that OCR uses more memory than granted to Shortcuts extensions/actions by iOS. So it simply cannot run in a Shortcuts action but would need to bring the app to front which is not a very good user experience.

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So the issue here is that I’m not allowed to lie down while Shortcuts does the work for me. What a shame …


It’s less of a shame and more of a technical stumbling point.
A penguin can dream, but it can’t logically say it’s a shame it can’t fly. :wink:

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