Automation to empty the trash?

Is there a setting I’m missing or a way to automate emptying the trash in Devonthink? I’ve been trying to make a smart rule to handle this but can’t get beyond the scope to find the trash.

To sum up: I’m looking for a way to automate emptying the trash on some time interval (ideally) or perhaps on open or close.


See this thread

Thanks for the reply.

That was one of the few threads on here that even comes close to what I’m looking for but those suggestions still fall short.

Every day, probably at least hourly, I right-click the trash and empty it (I’m not worried about losing anything since it just goes to the system trash). I do this mostly to avoid items in the trash from being presented during searches but it has come up as an issue on some other occasions, too. Basically, I’d like DT to get rid of my trash for me.

Thanks again

In which way would this

not do what you want?

DEVONthink will do it, however you have to set some kind of automation up …

Not automated, but simpler than context-clicking the mouse: set a keyboard shortcut through something like Keyboard Maestro.

Write a script that moves the records to a special group and set the group’s excluded from search to true. Then let a Smart Rule delete the group’s children every day.

Umm… why not just press Shift-Command-Backspace then Enter?

Because that’s what I’m currently doing (or using the context menu). My question had to do with automating taking out the trash.

The system already protects me from myself. Does DT3 have to do the same?

Keyboard Maestro could easily automate this on a timed basis

I think I’ll be submitting a feature request instead of implementing a workaround. Thanks for the ideas!