Finder's trash behavior: possible in DT? (delayed and automatic emptying)

The Finder has quite a convenient feature: I can set it to remove files from the Trash 30 days after they have been “deleted”. Is there a way to mimic this behavior in DT? (I tried to look into Smart Rules but there seems no way to bind a rule to the trash?)

Yes, I’m lazy and it would be nice if the trash could be taken out for me automatically – and it would be superb to have a little “safety delay” (for the rare occasions I have to dive into the dumpster to search for that darn file that I was sure I would never again need when I deleted it just yesterday :slight_smile: )

To my understanding it is not possible to delete files from DT’s Trash selectively? A workaround would be to bypass DT’s Trash and “export” them to Finder’s Trash with a script/rule. Unfortunately the wisdom of Apple Script keeps escaping me. It would be really nice if someone could point in the right direction.

Regards, Roland

One possibility would be to move the item’s to a dedicated group. A scheduled smart rule could then delete items from this group which were not added/modified/opened within the last x days.

But as emptying DEVONthink’s trash moves the items to the Finder’s trash, there’s actually already some kind of “safety delay”.

Ah, I was not quite aware that DT purges it’s trash to the system trash. That is indeed the ideal solution for my case (severe case of lazyness).

Thanks for taking the time to answer what in hindsight looks like a trivial problem.