Is it possible to automate to make pdf smaller using devonthink pro office?

At this moment I’m doing it by
making the pdf smaller using adobe acrobat pro
inserting the pdf in devonthink pro office.

I would like to automate this proces by downloading the pdf to a specific folder and then a script (?) has to make the pdf smaller and insert the pdf in a specific group.

Is this possible?


There are two questions here:

  1. You are asking about Acrobat scripting. We don’t know about this capability (and I haven’t run Acrobat on my systems in years). It appears there’s still AppleScript capabilities, but you’d need to explore that or find a script that does what you want it to.
  2. You could use a Folder Action to direct a file to a specific group in DEVONthink. Also, some people do this with Hazel.
    Depending on the answer to the first question, it may be possible to just redirect the output to a specific group in the script.