Automator and DT Pro Office 2.0?

I recall that there was Automator actions with DT Pro Office 1.x and just checking, I couldn’t find any actions now. Is it that there aren’t any actions for DEVONthink and I was imagining it? Or is it just that they aren’t there yet?

I have a bunch of URLs in my Inbox that have a form of:

name (which might include commas), a xxx bbb.

Where xxx is variable but bbb isn’t. I’d like to strip off the ending after the last comma, and file into folder xxx. I could probably do it with scripting, but I was hoping to use it to learn Automator.

2.0 is not final without Automator actions. So they will come but need to be ported over from version 1.

Thanks. I was wondering if I just imagined them. I’m looking forward to their return.