automator issues


I simply cant seem to make friends with automator… not task ever works for me :slight_smile:

I would like to to do the following

A group called X that contains items witt show state selected.
If an item is checker move it to group Y
Email the contents of the items that are not checked.

I would be a very happy trekker if someone ccould help me out here


This cannot be done in Automator. Automator workflows are quite simple repetitions of very specific functionality. So, you’d need one workflow to move the checked records and one to email the contents of the rest.

So, first part:
[DTPro - Get Specified Records] : specify group X here
[DTPro - Get Group Contents] : check if you need to recursively go through subgroups
[DTPro - Filter Records] : State should be checked and shown
[DTPro - Set Current Group] : select group Y
[DTPro - Move Records to Current Group]
Note: even though Automator may show the datatypes in red and not connect the actions around the “Set Current Group” action, it does work. This is a bug in Automator (one of the many).

For the second one you’d use something similar. However the problem is that the Mail actions don’t really facilitate properly for this functionality. Actually I got an error in the Console when I wanted to add the files for the records as attachments to the mail message. sigh Thanks again Apple…

When you are creating a workflow, you have to be very precise in what you want to achieve. Think of it as Lego, you have many basic building blocks that you need to put together to get the functionality you want.

Good luck!