Automator Library

Devonthink/Devonagent icons do not appear in the Automator Library. I can search the actions and find all actions but they do not appear the library anymore like before.

Does somebody know why?


Did you install our application in either /Applications or in [your home folder] > Applications? If they are in there, try to empty the Automator caches (in [your home folder] > Library > Caches >*) and afterwards drag our application on the Desktop and then from the Desktop to the location mentioned above. That should force a reload of the Automator libraries. If not, log out and back in or better restart the machine. At some point the system should behave itself.

I am using DevonThink Pro Office public beta 2 and I’m having the same issue: nothing shows up in Automator. I tried the steps described above (deleted Automator cash, moved DEVONthink from the application folder to the desktop and back, restarted the Mac), but nothing changed. I’m running Mac OS 10.5 .6.

Any help would be much appreciated,

There are no Automator actions shipping with public beta 2. That is because we haven’t finished the port and extension of Automator actions yet. Should happen soon though.