Autoupdate an indexed folder

If I index a bunch of files from a directory to a Devonthink database, is there a script (or GUI function) which will automatically update the database if I add more files?

There is a script in the DEVONthink installation package, in the folder Extras/Scripts/Examples, named Synchronize.scpt. When attached to an indexed group it will cause the group to synchronize indexed subgroups and documents when that group is clicked. (Search for Triggered Scripts in the Help file for instructions.)

This is not as “automatic”, as you might wish. You’ll need to select the indexed group to trigger the script.

An academic blogger, Chad Black, who has written great posts on using DT in his workflow describes the following procedure that he uses:

“My approach to using Dropbox and DT together has essentially moved to indexing my files instead of importing them into DT, and storing the file tree in Dropbox. I still get the strength of DT’s search capacities, but without the danger of corrupting a database (which I did) by storing it in DT. I was really careful about it, too. So, on each machine I keep a DT database that searches a folder synced by Dropbox.”

He doesn’t elaborate beyond this, so I assume this is fairly standard. I am trying to reproduce his procedure but do not know how to index files and sync on Dropbox. Can anyone point me to a relevant post or section of the manual?

Would be interested in reading Chad’s essay(s), if you could post a link.

To index Dropbox folders:

  1. Have a Dropbox account, and Dropbox installed on your machine
  2. In your Dropbox folder, add a subfolder (one or more), populate it with documents, and let it sync to Dropbox
  3. In DEVONthink, navigate to the database where you’ll want to index the Dropbox folder(s)
  4. Use File > Index, and, in the file navigation window that opens next, navigate to the Dropbox folder you want to index. OK.

DEVONthink will index that folder. Help and the manual explain the indexing piece, or your can browse Advanced Search in the forum for literally hundreds of postings on the topic of indexing.

Thanks much.
So, just to make sure, if I have three Devon DBs for three separate projects, create a folder for each in Dropbox, and then follow the procedure that you outline.

Chad’s post was here.
The referenced quote is in comment response. But you can find more of his Devon posts easily.

You could do that, or you could index the same folder in each database. For example, I index the folder where nvALT keeps its notes into each database I use. On the other hand, I create databases for different client jobs and index only the folders relevant to that job in the database for that job.

Thanks for the link!

I tried this. But when I added a file to the dropbox folder (indexed in Devon), it did not update in the index Devon folder. Is there a sync button?

I found it, sorry

Hit Cmd-Alt-S when it is selected or use the “synchronize” command in the file menu (below the index… command).