Avenir font und editing UI


when selecting “Avenir” font, it seems that UI does not really like it as the text seems to be skewed:

I did not observe this behaviour before e.g. some other random font:

before but was trying to simulate Bear stype with Avenir and this caught me eye.

What do you mean it is ”skewed”?

May be they mean the fact that the word “Avenir” is cropped at the bottom? Or, alternatively, that the font name is not vertically centered in the text field.

as @chrillek correctly spotted, the name of the font “Avenir” is cropped at the bottom of the UI mask.
I only observe this behaviour with that font name so would assume this is a bug (not a critical one but letting you know)

Development would have to assess this. It could be something specifically related to the baseline of the font.