Avoiding redownloading ABBY ocr software

How do I show DTP3 where my installation of ABBY is? I recently installed on a new computer, and the only option is to “Download and Install”. I am not on broadband, and this is an almost 1GB download.
Edit: I already have ABBY downloaded, it was part of my backup. However, due to size constraints, I was not able to do a full restore from the old backup to my new computer.

Anyone able to help?
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What constraints actually?

Size. Disk size on the new computer. I had to do a selective restore. My bandwidth is very limited.

At least few gigabytes of available disk space are always recommended (also by Apple) on the startup volume, e.g. to install updates (especially important on Big Sur) and for virtual memory. How much is available on the new computer?

Thanks Chris
I think we are getting sidetracked here. (See below in brackets, but this is NOT my issue).
The issue is: I already have the ABBY software on my laptop. The issue is NOT what disk space I have. I have more than enough for the software I have installed. The issue is my NETWORK. connection is slow and unreliable. As I already have the software, I want to know how to get DT3 to recognize it without submitting to another almost 1 gigabyte download, NOT because of the size on my disk, but because of the difficulty completing such a large download over a poor connection. There is no menu-option for this, only to download and install.
(I HAD a laptop with 1 TB of diskspace. It died. I keep backups. I could not find a replacement where I was geographically with a 1 TB disk, so I could not do a simple restore onto a smaller disk. I did a partial restore, leaving out some very large software packages for now, until I can get a laptop with a bigger disk in the future. I use DT daily, not the software I did not install, including Logic Pro with tons of add-ons and FCP.)
Thank you for responding.
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If the OCR resources are already installed on one computer, then you could simply copy the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Abbyy to the other computer.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I think this is what I am looking for. I will report back here when I have it done.