avoiding the inbox


last week I re-discovered DevonThink after I had to abandon it for 2 years or so. The progress is amazing, and I am looking forward to re-exploring my old databases and starting some new ones. Thanks!

My newbie-again question:

When creating a new document (with making link or splitting a document e.g.) the new one or the rest of the splitted document end up in the inbox of the database. I tried some preferences, searched the forums, but I do not get any idea how to set the defaults to create the new document inside the same group.

Any idea?


Welcome back! :wink:

Currently main windows use the visible/selected group whereas document/search windows use the inbox as these windows don’t have a current group.


Thanks for the welcome and the explanation. Now I have a clue to predict the behaviour.

I expected document windows to be linked to the group in which the document is located, hence my confusion. May I suggest to change the behaviour of document windows in this way? As far as search windows are concerned, the behaviour like now feels absolutely right.


We might revise this in an upcoming release depending on feedback/requests. One of the goals behind v2 is to limit the number of possible destinations (now either the current group or the inbox) so that there are less “Where’s my document?” support requests.